In this moment

This is a contemplative time of year.
Today is the winter solstice.
I'm disappointed in our government, in the citizens that elected this president.
I'm disappointed that so many people choose ignorance and close their eyes to the harm being done.
I am happy to have not just survived but thrived this year. There were periods where I felt so flat and heavy from all of it that I was convinced it would be the new normal.  I still have challenging moments, but I keep moving forward.
I am convinced that my meditation practice has kept me afloat.  It is less about the formal practice and more about being truly mindful in my choices, actions, and breaths.
There is so much to fear, so much negativity, so much... but I can take a deep breath, know I am loved, and own that I am okay in this moment.
There is also so much to look forward to, to celebrate, so much...



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