Just ask.

Man alive!  I hate asking for help.  I am so stubborn!

Today I put a post on facebook asking people to help get Johnny situated in his new place, complete with an Amazon wish list.  Part of me feels like I should just do it all myself, but we are already putting out so much money for the rent, utilities, furniture, etc.

I don't know why I get so weird about asking for help, but I do.

It is bugging me that Christy's Dad is picking up our balcony furniture this weekend and hauling it out to Cathy's for storage while our balcony is under construction...there is a voice in my head saying, "just hire people and pay for storage, don't bother your in-laws..."

I can't recall a time when asking for help was easier, perhaps I have been like this from the beginning.

Part of it is control, part of it is vulnerability.

I hate being vulnerable. Clearly, obviously!

I am always willing to help others, why not allow the same to be extended to me?


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