Charlottesville this past weekend...
NCAVP reporting that more LGBT individuals have been killed in 2017 than in previous years in acts of hate-violence...
The constant attack on women...people of color...health care...immigrants...

It is really hard not to feel overwhelmed.

I feel overwhelmed.  I find myself on the verge of tears, often.

Joyful things, happy moments are overwhelming too because they are such a contrast to the hate that is an undercurrent in every day.

That this is our reality, this is our country...that this is our president...is so sad and scary.

But I will work to choose joy, to find things to laugh about, things to smile about.  I will continue to stand up for what it right and good.  I will continue to contribute to organizations that fight for our rights and who protect those who are in need.  

I will always work for peace and equality, some days it is with a heavier heart than others but the work must go on.


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