Like a kid about to get out of school for the summer

I am officially checked out.

I've been feeling better and dealing a bit better, but we are leaving for vacation in 5 days, 7 hours, and 19 minutes...

I have today and tomorrow in the office, 1/2 day working remotely and an infusion then I am on vacation.

I need this vacation.  I need it more than I have ever needed a vacation.

We have a lot of fun in store, but honestly, what I am looking forward to most is the quiet.  No one asking me questions, no one needing anything...

I just want to be.  I am looking forward to alone time with Christy, to us time.

It has been a sustained period of challenge and stress, and I am facing it, working through it.  I know that vacation is only 2 weeks away and then we come back, but it'll be a nice break.  Self care...



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