Depression and Grief and Anxiety

Depression is no fun.

No doy!

The past week has presented more opportunities for me to other words, sucked and then sucked some more.

I am so irritable.  I am impatient.  I am sad.  I sat at my desk with my door closed for 30 m crying as I tried to work.  I don't want to talk to anyone.  I am avoiding calls, social engagements, and even meetings that aren't necessary.  Talking to people is draining.  It saps my energy and makes me even more tired and sad.  I don't want to do anything except disappear into a quiet snowy field and just sit in the quiet with no one talking to me, no one asking me questions, and no one needing anything from me.

It is tough, this grief.  It is also tough coupled with ongoing family issues, ongoing heath scares and chronic issues, etc.  In so many ways I more than ever thankful that Christy and I have made the choices we've made to build a particular kind of life.

I know, intellectually, that this is temporary.  It doesn't feel that way...


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