Both my Rheumy and I am shocked that my RA has not flared in the midst of the shit show that has been my life this year.  Shocked and very appreciative!  I've even managed to continue weaning down the prednisone, slowly.

Anytime in the past year that I went below 10 mg I'd get these terrible pains and cramps in my legs, tenosynovitis. Not this time.  I've been doing 7.5/5 mg every other day and will go to 5 mg daily when I do my meds for the next week.  I'll give that a week or two then try 5/2.5 mg.

We've got our trip to France in July, so I will need to be careful and not drop too quickly.  I want to feel well and keep pain to a minimum while on vacation.  I'll be in the sun more than usual which is not great, but will hopefully be okay.

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...


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