A decade long struggle with steroids

It has been over a year on prednisone, again...

I am now doing Remicade infusions every four weeks, weekly methotrexate, and daily anti-inflammatory medicine.  Came down to 10 mg of prednisone daily, was feeling pretty good.  The minute I go under 10 mg, things go wonky.  I tried to go from 10 to 7.5...no good.  BP drops out, heart racing, super hungry, pain in hands and feet.  Came back up to 9mg, a little better.  BAH!

Maybe I just need to stay on steroids.  I know they are terrible and lead to bone density loss and heart issues, not to mention the weight gain and retention.

Part of me wants to go off all medicine, isolate myself and go see a shaman in the forests of Peru or some other non-Western medicine business, but every single time I try to make a change my body goes bananas and I end up in more pain, having more fatigue, and more brain fog.

I'm about to start up my work travel again, my doctor won't be happy about that.  I am looking forward to it.  I like getting out to see my staff, I like auditing the labs, and working with them to make improvements.  I am traveling smarter now.  I am leaving for the West Coast on a Sunday so I can take my time, check in to the hotel and adjust to the time change before starting work on Monday. I am coming home and making sure not to have any plans for the following day or two so I can recover from the trip.  I am pacing myself.

I guess I will just stay on 10 mg until after this upcoming trip, then try weaning before the next trip.

Chronic conditions and diseases are so frustrating.  Just when you think you have something figured out, it changes.  Such is the ever changing nature of life and our physiology, eh?



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