"So little time...so much to do..."

I hear the Nowhere Man from Yellow Submarine saying, "So little time...so much to do..." in my mind a lot these days.

Since the beginning of August I have been to: MN, VA, CA, CA, LA, VA...In a week I will be going to UT for a conference, then probably CA again, then VA then TX... All for work.  On top of that I have two additional labs to manage, one of which is a PITA to get going.  My brain is over stimulated and I am think-sleeping.  Some of my bad OCD tendencies are popping back up and I am so tired I am just letting it happen.  I got a cold on one trip (conference) and slept 13 hours one night then napped 3 hours the following day.  Clearly my body is telling me to slow down.

I am working to stay focused and mindful as I come into a historically challenging time of year for me emotionally.  I just keep saying (in my head), "please don't flare, please don't flare."

It took me six months to get over my last flare...I am just now coming off the prednisone...the weaning and withdraw of which is making all of this other stuff even more challenging as I sweat my way through heart racing and headaches. All that with a 5-2.5mg every other day wean!

My day started today with one of the new staff members resigning before we ever got things started at that site.  This complicates EVERYTHING.  I now need to go into "fix it" mode for that site while still successfully managing the other 6 sites.

Thankfully I am planing to take 3 days off around my birthday in December for a short break, and we just paid a deposit for an incredible vacation next July that will start with a Lavender Trail tour in Provence, possible have a few days in Nantes with some friends, and will end in Paris with a Coldplay concert!    I am super excited, just need to wait 9 months for that :)

Okay...diving in...


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