Loving Kindness

I am a little sad today, but every time it hits me I consciously send thoughts of loving kindness out into the universe and to one person in particular.  Life and all of its meandering paths can be difficult to traverse, but I have found that journeying mindfully and with positive thoughts for others makes it all a bit better.

I've been feeling better generally.  Last week, the right hip was being dumb, again...or still.  Also, on Sunday my jaw...my jaw which really has never been an issue, was swelled up and painful. I iced it and did some jaw stretches that I found online, it helped.  I have an appointment with the Rheumy tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed that she'll give me the thumbs up to wean off  the last 5 mg of prednisone.

I have found a way to adjust to the weird tendon swelling and cramping, so coming off should be okay.

The caveat...I have three weeks of travel coming up starting Saturday.  Flying is tough, as is lugging  bags, and sleeping in a bed other than my own.  I can accept that the prednisone will probably help...

Blargh. Prednisone.

Back to it...



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