Medical Bills, prescriptions, and insurance woes...oh my...

It has been a month since my last post.  The increased Remicade is definitely making a difference for me.  I am feeling better, have more energy, and though I am not back to my baseline, I think I am getting there.

My company switched insurance companies for 2016 and it has been a hot mess for me.  My out of pocket expenses have basically quadrupled, and each claim for my infusion has been processed differently leading to multiple bills for the same treatments.  It has become so complicated that I am using a medical advocate to help sort it all out.  I currently have three bills for the same treatment for three different amounts...seriously...

On top of the stress of the medical bill confusion, I have gone three weeks without methotrexate.  My stupid insurance company decided that going forward I couldn't get it filled at the speciality pharmacy that has been filling it for three years and that I had to have it filled through their speciality pharmacy. Fine, then LET ME KNOW THAT. No communication to me that this is the case. It has taken a month to get it sorted and I am expecting it to be delivered tomorrow.  Fingers (figuratively) crossed.

I don't know how people with even more complex issues and surgeries deal with this system.


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