Hip Pain

During this last flare, my hip pain skyrocketed!  I had an injection back in May that did nothing.  Since the second increased Remicade infusion, I have had a lot of relief.  

I saw a specialist today.  He re-confirmed the damage, fraying, and inflammation of the labrum in my right hip, but upon examination felt that the pain I am currently experiencing is related to firbomyalgia.  WHAT?  A doctor that acknowledges the reality of fibromyalgia who isn't a rheumatologist!  He said that, clearly, I am experiencing actual ball and socket joint pain, but since that is improved from the Remicade, the pain I described in the iliac crest area is probably related to the musculature and fibromyalgia symptoms in the area.  He said that if it doesn't improve we can try trigger point injections which are more superficial than the deep joint injection I have had in the past.

I'll continue to do the hip PT exercises, get my butt back into yoga and strengthening the hip, and monitor the pain.  It hurts more now than it has because he was moving it all around and pushing on it, but it has been much better.

He did say that there is some "more than average wear and tear" of the ball and socket but nothing so concerning that he would want to do any surgical intervention yet, than god!

Gotta work the hip!  No restrictions, pain is my guide!



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