Feeling better...weaning the prednisone...trying to find the balance of resting and doing.

I recognize that I push myself too hard when I start to feel better.  I think it comes from a fear of not being able to "do" later if things get bad again.  I am conscious of this and trying not to push so much that I push myself backward.

I am still having the tenosynovitis, especially in my legs and feel but also hands.  It is hard and it hurts.  the cramping sucks.  But without the fatigue and bad swelling on top of it, it is much more managable.

I am waiting on the results of the HIP MRI from Monday.  I am convinced it was the RA activity and labral tear.  I am wishing with all my might that it is not the avascular necrosis... My hip was screaming yesterday.  I was with my niece and she kept asking if I was okay because I'd move and catch my breath because it would hurt.  She is so sweet and caring.  

I am thinking about looking into some reflexology massage for my legs and feet.  I had terrible cramps last night and trouble walking this morning.  Maybe that would help.

I am glad the increased Remicade seems to be helping.



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