Kicky Kickerson's thoughts

Oh man this tendon business sucks out loud!

It is only 11 AM and I have spent most of the morning dealing with shooting pain and spasms in my left leg, and right hand.

It is exhausting.

On a positive note, I did meditate and did a restorative yoga practice last night and it definitely helped to ground me.

I've been feeling so self-conscious and negative about my appearance.  Looking back, I realize that this happens when I am flaring.  I am working to be more positive.  I wore an outfit today that I love, is comfy, and that I think looks good on me.  That helps.  As does a little lipstick... ha!  Lipstick lesbian! 

I have a work trip next week that is going to be very taxing, and I have focused all of my anxiety about it on wardrobe, which is so silly and yet not.  I cannot stress how much of a difference it makes to be comfortable in clothes when feeling shitty.  Business attire is not the most comfortable, for me anyway.  So, I have spent money on a couple things that I really didn't need, but I think it'll be good in terms of comfort for the trip.

I am already thinking about strategies to manage the pain so it doesn't "show" to my colleagues who will be on the trip.  Not a great way to approach the trip.  I just hate explaining.  I need to accept that I cannot hide it, and just own it.



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