It is no fun.  It is part of this RA business.  The worst bit of it is in my left leg.  About 9 months ago I started getting weird, unpredictable, pains in my leg, starting behind my knee and shooting up and down.  Sitting, standing, walking, stretching...didn't matter.  Mentioned it to the rheumatologist and she said it sounded like a tendon issue.  Okay, no big.

Then January's flare started and never stopped and this shit is getting worse.  One very bad day it was several times an hour and cause my leg to jump or kick out, which wasn't great under the table at a restaurant, or sitting at my desk in work or when trying to buy a present in a store.  I must have looked insane and it hurts like a SOB.

Basically, the lining around tendons can become inflamed as part of the rheumatoid arthritis.  Apparently this is similar to work related injuries that cause carpel tunnel.  It happens most often in hands, feet, and wrists.

It is also really bad in my feet, causes a lot of foot cramps and spasms.  The extra prednisone is not helping with this, yet.  I am hesitant to increase more, but I may need to...guess I will be emailing the doc again...

Luckily, I look better than I feel.  We are here in NYC for the weekend.  We are taking it slow, not walking to far, and are resting as much as possible.  Thankfully I have a patient wife who happens to love taking it easy!  We had a great dinner at Casa Mono and saw Something Rotten which was fantastic!



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