We have a good weekend planned in NYC.  We've been going to NYC for Memorial Day the past few years.  It is nice because a lot of people leave the city so it isn't too overwhelming.  We're finally going to see Hamilton, and we are going to hit up TKTS for something for tomorrow night.  We've got dinner reservations for a great tapas place too.

I am going to listen to my body and do what I feel up to and rest when I need to without guilt (in theory...)

I am happy to be doing this weekend, though honestly, I think I could sleep for three days straight and still not feel well rested.  So I will sleep when I can and enjoy myself.

Looking forward to good food, good shows, and Christy's face when Lin comes on stage in the Hamilton opening.  I keep teasing her that she is going to piddle on the floor like an excited puppy.  She will probably cry!



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