I've spent time over the years learning about the charkas.  I have done some work and meditations, but always got stuck in the same place.

Chakras are energy points that correspond to important endocrine centers in our bodies.  They exist along the spine from our base through the top of our head.  Balance is key to health and well being.  I can tell you, I am not in any kind of balance...

I am starting a chakra series of yoga practice.  I did the informational intro yesterday and LOVED IT!  The instructor is a psycho/physical therapist and approaches the topic in s very East meets West manner, which I appreciate.  

I am excited to do the series.  There are seven sessions, one for each chakra.  I would like to go through the series and identify which need attention then use that session and others for the chakra(s) to do  the work.



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