Gratitude, instead

So... after some reading about the chakra series of yoga practices, I realized they are not appropriate for me right now.  They are intermediate 2 and 3 level practices and I am not at that level, especially while flaring.  I got annoyed, frustrated, and was already feeling snarky, so I found a gratitude series instead.

The first practice has you focus and think of someone who makes you smile and inspires you to be a better person.  I am lucky to have quite a few people like that in my life.  I thought of Christy and my friend Lynn.  I dedicated my practice to them.  I breathed in and released the snark, then focused on gratitude.  I may have pushed myself a little too far physically, even though I did do modifications and skipped some poses, but at the end, I felt so peacful and relaxed.

Looking forward to the second in the series for tonight.



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