When I stopped taking steroids after a decade I was so excited.  Then I flared and took them again for several months, then got off and celebrated, excited again.  After this happened a few more times I started having anxiety about taking them.  Steroids are no fun.  I need to reset my  thinking and find a healthy way to deal with all that comes along with taking them.

Night sweats, trouble sleeping, mood swings, nutty thoughts, and trouble focusing are worth it since I can walk without a lot of pain...right?

I am taking 10-15mg daily with more here and there as needed.  

This flare bites the big one.  Each time I have done a yoga practice that is a bit more rigorous the next 3-4 days suck because certain joints revolt, I swell up and I have low grade fevers.  I have been stubborn and wanted to do more...I need to pace myself and accept that any practice is good...good enough.  Oh that phrase.  Good enough...

My brain is buzzing. I was rude in a meeting this morning because I lost patience with a discussion.  I can't focus and I am so tired because I am not sleeping.

I didn't do yoga last night because I was really sore from the previous night, so I did some stretches and a 15 minute meditation.  I am going to start some chakra meditations since the yoga sessions I found were too advanced.  

Clearly I am working for balance.



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