I did more than 40 in 40 and it was a pretty wonderful year.  I had some serious ups and some serious downs; when I look back I will remember this as an important year in my life.

To celebrate, Christy and I headed up to NYC.

Look at my gorgeous wife!

Cava is a favorite!

40 feels good

We had a lovely time and I really enjoyed the shows!

On my actual birthday, after Christy surprised me with a super sweet video that she put together with ideas and photos from friends and family, we went to the Observation Deck in Liberty One, a new attraction here in Philly.  It was a little hazy, but very cool.  (Not literally, it was hot as hell, but the views were great!

I am a lucky girl.

I'll be updating the blog and changing the name since we're now in year 41...



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