You're a Wizard, Harry.

Christy and I had a lovely time in Orlando.  Disney was fun and as hot as it was, I do want to go back!  We both LOVED Fantasy Land.

We stayed at Coronado Springs

We did Epcot first and it was blazing hot so we didn't partake in the Food and Wine Festival. The sky was gorgeous!

We did Hollywood Studios that afternoon.  Unfortunately, Fantasmic was rained out.

The next day we dedicated to Magic Kingdom.

I loved Be Our Guest.  It was a fun day, but we were tired so we headed back to get our luggage and went over to our second hotel (Christy's conference hotel).  Christy did some research and laid out a plan for us for the next day which included getting up at ugly o'clock to head over to Diagon Alley.

THE MOON WAS STILL OUT! It was worth it!

Stan Shunpike and I chatted it up a bit by the Night Bus.

We were nerding out!

I may have cried...

It was a super fun day!  We didn't explore the rest of universal, just headed back to the hotel and then to the spa for pedicures before dinner.

We have a right to dress alike!  HA!

Christy did a great job at her conference and I did some relaxing.


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