An Artful Sunday Morning

I went over to the Perelman Building this morning and it was lovely.

The building is gorgeous, including an original amazing elevator that is so impressive.  There weren't many people in the museum, in fact there were rooms where it was just me, which I LOVE.

I entered the main hall on the first floor and saw a cast of Picasso's "Man with a goat" sculpture that Christy and I saw in the Paris Picasso museum in May.  It is beautiful space filled with natural light.

I loved the exhibit by Shelley Spector: Keep the Home Fires Burning.  It was bright and thoughtful and the details were so intricate and interesting.  I love the use of found objects in art.

Next I went through the Northern Lights: Scandinavian Design exhibit.  I loved it.  I love the clean lines of modern Scandinavian furniture.  There were light fixtures, serving platters, silverware, vases, etc.

Self Portrait in Scandinavian pitcher. 

Some of the glassware was gorgeous!  I love this tulip vase, especially how the stem goes from dark  to light and makes it look like the body is floating above the base.

This leaf plate is made of plywood turned on it's side and fixed together.  It is so pretty in person.

The Chic Shawls exhibit was really beautiful and made me want to dress up.  Afterward, I decided to walk over Fairmount Ave. and pop over to the Azalea gardens and Waterworks.  The azaleas were past their bloom, so I went right over to the water...gorgeous day.

I love being a member of the museum.  I was able to pop in and see some of my favorites.  There are some paintings that feel like old friends.  I stopped by to see Blue Eyes by Modigliani, it is his birthday after all. I wandered by my favorites and stopped at Rain by Van Gogh.  It always makes an impression.  It is so different from others from the same time, and there is so much to see even though all the colors look a bit muddy from a distance.  The skeletal building frames, the muted yellows in the distance, the walled in feel...  I also wandered through and stopped to see a few by Miro, Kandinsky, Picasso...

I went out the front and the city looked gorgeous.

I love my new neighborhood.



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