Now showing...

Thanks to Markus and Chris for hosting my work at their salon, Christopher Markus the Lion's Mane.

Markus has been so supportive and encouraging over the years and when I approached him about doing a showing this year, he was happy to have me.

After a bananas crazy day of running around this city trying to get the Painter sorted for our new place and waiting for a delivery of flooring supplies, I grabbed the paintings and headed over to the salon.

We unwrapped them and started arranging to figure out where they would be hung.  Once we figured it out we got to work wiring and hanging.


Excited to share my work

The colors look amazing in the halogen lighting.

Markus reminded me to take a moment and recognize that this is special and an accomplishment.  I so appreciated that (and had a celebratory mojito).

We shall see if anyone wants to purchase them or has any interest in my work. 



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