No more boxes

We managed to unpack and put away the last box of stuff on Sunday night.  It looks amazing.  Just waiting for the furniture to be delivered and the window treatments to be installed then we will be all set.

I can't wait to move the sectional out to the balcony, it is going to be so great!

We've met more neighbors in a week here than we met in 6 years at our last place.  Crazy.

I still haven't quite worked out the transportation to and from work to my satisfaction, but I'll get there.  I wish Septa had a more direct route.

It feels like home and looks great.  We are going to work out the budget with the new payments and then go back to some aggressive savings.  Now we are saving beyond the emergency fund for vacations, a bathroom remodel and a kitchen remodel, though those will be years away--because I need some travel in there.

Now to establish our routines and really settle in.



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