Just keep swimming

This home ownership stuff is really challenging.  I nearly lost it yesterday.  I am really trying to balance everything, trying.  Yesterday afternoon was just rough, but it worked out.

I keep telling myself that all of the coordinating, stress, and mishaps will work out and be worth it in the end.  I have also been reminding myself that I am lucky to be in a position like this, to have bought an amazing condo that we will build into our home, to be putting in new flooring, and having it painted.

Perspective, right?

I am also feeling impatient and want to live there.  I can't wait to move!!!  I just want to be there, to live there.  In three weeks I will be back in work after the move and will be establishing new routines and getting us settled.

I am excited.  This is where I will focus my energy, on that excitement.



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