Nervous, good nervous

Christy and I are scheduled for closing on our new home on Tuesday, her birthday.  We've been told that the mortgage company and underwriters have everything they need and were given the closing cost estimate for settlement so we can get the cashier's check.

As it gets closer I get more nervous.  This wasn't in the plan for this year.  We thought *maybe* next year.  But it all happened quickly.  We were looking for a place back in 2013, but when SCOTUS ruled on marriage equality we changed our plans and had a wedding instead.

We never asked to be removed from the emails from the real estate company with places matching our criteria.  Back in March we got an email and the place looked interesting.  We talked about it figured it wouldn't hurt to look. We scheduled and looked and realized it wasn't right. Obsessive me then started actively looking and sending stuff to Christy.  We talked and decided not to actively look but to look if something came through that we both liked.  Within a week, we scheduled to see 3 more condos.  The first was in the MetroClub on 8th street and it was good.  It was good space, roomy, had great views, and the amenities were good.  We both liked it and it was definitely in our budget, actually below what we thought we'd end up paying.  We went to the second place and hated it.  Then we started out to the third place, which I didn't think would be good, but I wanted to see something in the building.  It was also across the city at the edge of Fairmount, which wasn't really where I wanted to be.  I've lived in center city since 1997 and love it.  I really wanted Old City but we just weren't seeing places that we liked.  We got stuck in traffic and were running late for the showing time and I was starting to think it was a sign.  We finally got there and when we walked in, I was in love.

It needs some work, definitely new floors and paint. It is a little more space than we have now.  We started peeking around, and Christy was quiet.  I was babbling.  Typical.

We walked over and saw the view and I was done, I wanted it.

Christy stayed quiet as I was chattering at our agent and finally she just simply said, "I want to live here."

We made an offer four days later, negotiated through a weekend and they accepted our offer that Sunday, one week after we first saw the space.

The 6 weeks since then have been a little nutty but the mortgage process has been okay, slightly annoying but not too bad.  We live uncomplicated financial lives and both have good credit and we don't own anything, so there wasn't much for them to dig around in our financial history.

Details for setting up flooring and painting have been more frustrating to me than the mortgage process.

We close Tuesday and will immediately get the ball rolling on two appliance repairs, a measure for bedroom carpet, and some purchasing for furniture and supplies to get everything ship shape to move in early June.

This is huge and exciting and a little overwhelming.

I will really miss Washington Square and center city.  I will miss walking home through the park, popping into Talula's Daily for lunch or dinner or a latte.  I'll miss New Year's Eve fireworks on the balcony.  I'll miss our place, the space is so comfortable and us.  I will miss having a guest bath.  I'll miss the great guys at our front desk.  I'll miss waiting for the bus behind independence place and passing the Liberty Bell on my way home.  I'll miss my bagel place in the morning.  I will miss a lot but...

I am excited to get to know a new neighborhood, have a shorter commute to work using the building shuttle, having a doable pretty walk home from work, seeing that gorgeous view of the cityscape and art museum every single day, having a great space that is ours and that we can change to be what we really want.  I will love our new living room furniture and the new balcony furniture.  I am excited to purge as we pack and only move stuff we really want.  I am excited to have the art room in which to paint and Christy is really excited about the pool.  I will love being close to our friend in that neighborhood and look forward to hanging out with them more.

I am really excited to build a beautiful, comfortable home with Christy.

Change can be nerve wracking, but it is good. It will be an adjustment, but in the end we will have a lovely home in a great location where we will build many lovely memories.

I just have to make it through Tuesday.



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