Liars, all of them liars!!!

Man alive, this home ownership business is as annoying and frustrating as I always feared and hoped it wouldn't be.  Home Depot apparently only employs liars, installers never call you back, people are constantly trying to swindle you, and no one seem to care about being accommodating.

Christy and I spend too much time trying to be contentious and more.  I am paying you, you do what I need when I need it.  I am going all Emily Gilmore on their asses!

Easier said than done.

Thus far we have moved our move in date, had to find new movers, had to find new floor installers, cancelled over $850 in supplies that weren't even necessary, made 8 bazillion phone calls, paid someone over $100 to tell me my washer was not fixable and to remove an ice maker, bought a new washer that will be installed the same day as carpet, had to reschedule painters--twice--, and been generally yanked around needlessly all to get some very basic work done in the condo.  I feel like I am just hemorrhaging money and don't see an end anytime soon.

I HATE asking for help, and rarely, if ever, actually do ask.  Well, that needs to stop because we need some help and we have willing people in our life.

Dealing with all of this while trying to be productive and efficient in work is one hell of a challenge!

I know that in a month we will be settled and loving the new place.  I just keep reminding myself of that.  I keep picturing Christy and I on the terrace, all relaxed watching the fireworks over the Art Museum drinking a lovely glass of French wine.  Then I will know all of this bullshit will; have been worth it.


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