Life happens so fast and then soooooo sloooooow.

I am so impatient...I hate waiting...

A few weeks ago, on a whim, Christy and I went to look at a condo for which we had received a listing.  It looked interesting enough to motivate us to go and take a look.  We had talked about buying next year, but thought it looked tempting enough to at least check it out.

It was fine.  We then had a conversation and decided we weren't going to "actively look", this after I got obsessive and started sending her multiple links.


Construction started on a new building in front of ours.  The construction means that we really wouldn't be able to use our balcony because of the dirt and noise, and it is going to take away the view we have.

We then had a very different conversation, checked our finances and started to "actively look".

We hadn't been actively looking since 2013 before we decided to throw a wedding in 2014.  I started thinking about neighborhoods and monthly payments that we could afford...about commute to work...and what was on the "must have list", then I threw it all away and just opened myself up to the opportunities.

We looked a 4 or 5 units in the CityView Condo buildings.  They were nice, in a good location-ish, but would all have needed work, had no private outdoor space, but we both we open to the options. We looked at Metro Club and actually LOVED one unit, but again, no private outdoor space (it is not common to have balconies in Philly condos so we have been spoiled).  That same afternoon we went and saw one more unit...and it was amazing.  It is not terribly modern or upgraded and it needs some work for flooring and to be painted but oh my god the balcony and the view.

We took a day and talked, got more info, then set up a time to meet with our Real Estate Agent (who is amazing).  We met with him Wednesday for dinner and got the ball rolling to make an offer.  We completed the paper work in the morning and the offer was sent over yesterday.  for over 24 h we've been anxiously awaiting news.  I am so trying not to get my hopes up, but I really really want it to work out...

I know city living isn't for everyone, but we love it.  It would be so amazing to take the step, but also scary.  I am excited and nervous.  And honestly, if this one doesn't work out we can keep looking in the same building for other opportunities, the timing just wouldn't be this perfect.  We will make the best of whatever happens, and if this is where we are meant to be the universe will conspire to  get us there...lord know we are looking out for signs and opportunities and putting energy into it.

Fingers crossed.


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