Use it or lose it

I have a lot of vacation time banked and though we have a vacation planned in 72 days, I will still have "too much" banked as I continue to accrue.  So..I am taking a four day weekend.  I powered through a tons of tasks and moved a couple meeting.

I am so excited for a long weekend.  I could really use it.  We have a couple things to do, commitments, but I plan to rest up and paint.  I have been feeling wonky since I can off the prednisone.  Alternate elbows swell up and hurt each day and my morning stiffness is back.  I think a couple days resting will help.  I also hope it helps with the fatigue I have been feeling the past few weeks.  It is odd, it comes and goes.  In the past it was a steady state of living in jello for days or even weeks at a time.  This time it is day by day related to how I sleep.  Honestly, it is making me feel a little crazy...just a little.

I am going to get a canvas tonight (big sale) for my next piece, though I may start the commission for Allen...hmmm....

And I am off.


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