Mexican lasagna

Years and years ago Christy and I went to More Than Just Ice Cream for dinner.  It is a cute place on Locust between 10th and 11th that we used to frequent.  We had what they called "Mexican Lasagna".  It was yummy and I immediately tried to figure it out and have been making it ever since.

I make it a little different each time, and as we were eating tonight I thought that it would be good with grilled or roasted corn too!  I made guacamole tonight too, which I could eat every single day.

One pot
Soft tortillas
Olive Oil
4 cloves of garlic, diced
1 large yellow pepper, chopped
jalapeño, chopped
1/4 large white onion, chopped
1/2 medium red onion, chopped
1 can black beans
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 lb ground meat (I use chicken or turkey)
2-3 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp cumin
1/2 tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tsp of dried oregano
1 tbsp of tomato paste
Salt and pepper to taste
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese

2  avocados
1 lime, juice and zest
1/2 medium red onion diced
1 small jalapeño diced
Salt and pepper to taste

Start by prepping all of your veggies.  Move on to browning the meat in some olive oil over medium-high; put it in the pot and leave it alone, let it brown.  As it is browning I dump in the spices then start breaking up the meat and finish browning.  Move the meat over and add the tomato paste, let it cook for a few minutes then mix it through the meat.  Move everything over to the side and add the veg.  Let them cook for 3-5 minutes then mix in the beans, stir it all up, give it a few minutes then dump in the tomatoes and get it all nice and bubbly.

I coat the bottom and sides of a baking dish with a little olive oil and start layering the tortillas, the meat/veg mixture and the cheese.  I do three layers.  The top layer is only one tortilla as opposed to the two I use for the other layers.  I top with the "juice" from the pot and more cheese.

Bake for 20-25m at 375.

Let it rest for 5-10 minutes, this makes it easier to cut.  Then serve it up with some chips and guac. Christy LOVED dinner tonight, and wanted me to add that this is "dEEEElicious"!

This is one of those things that is super easy to adjust to your tastes: use beef, add more spicy peppers or spices, or make it less spicy, etc.  I will be trying with corn next time.  I will say, adding the tomato paste and smoked paprika really made this a richly flavorful dish.



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