Finished pieces

I was so happy to finish two painting in the last week.

Sunflowers IV for Angie and Gene:
I had sketched this before their wedding last November.  I was able to finish it and gave it to Angie last night.  She was pleased.

Tree line at gloaming:
I love this one.  I am playing with technique and texture. I actually love painting with my fingers and brushes.  This one was fun.

Night Sky I:
This one was completed months back, but I hadn't posted it.

I feel inspired and wish I could paint all day, but the job and the joints make that a bit of a challenge.

My local art supply store is having a sale Thursday, so I am planning to get a large canvas for a new piece I dreamt of last night.  I also have a commission from my friend that I'd like to get started.  I am excited about it and the meaning behind it.



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