Black Tie NYE

Well, I managed to make it to 11:30 before a coughing jag set in and we headed home for midnight.  Luckily the Downtown Club is only 2 blocks from our place.

We rented dresses from Rent the Runway.  Christy also rented a gorgeous necklace and they sent me an amazing bracelet because my first choice dress wasn't available because it had been damaged by the previous renter.

We got ourselves ready and took some pictures.

We clean up nice.

Look at my gorgeous wife.

The view was incredible.  DEB did a great job with the space setting up three areas as different Parisian settings.  The Moulin Rouge was my favorite.

Can Can Dancers

Ah, champagne...

I managed one glass of champagne.

Do you see why this was my favorite?

A bit of a cabaret with a lovely drag queen entertaining us.

The Hôtel Costes in the Place Vendôme was a lovely set up with incredible food.

Loved the view.

This was a cake.  We didn't make it for dessert...

Versailles was lovely too, with a live band.

 I was sad to go, but it was the best thing to do.  This cough/cold/sinus infection is rough and I was exhausted.  Christy didn't even think we'd make it to the party.

All told, I am glad we did it, but I think I prefer our traditional NYE in pjs doing our picture frame. I don't know that we're black tie people.  Maybe if I could have had more champagne...

Happy New Year!


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