Persimmon and fermented kiwi

To celebrate turning 39 Christy and I went to Vetri for a lovely chef's tasting.  We've been talking about going to Vetri for years, and it was worth the wait.

The space is cozy and warm.  We took a small table by the window and were immediately presented with Prosecco and some snacks while we looked over the menu.  They were very accommodating of my no red meat request, and built a delicious progression of courses for us.  Christy opted to do an incredible wine pairing, of which I took sips here and there.

Creamy buffalo mozzarella, pastrami seasoned foi gras, veggie tarts with aged parm, and aged prosciutto, along with vegetable crudo.

Bread and olives...enough said.

My scallop crudo with uni sauce, fermented kiwi and persimmon was like nothing I had ever tasted: sweet, salty, rich, but so fresh.  Christy's king crab in snail butter was a-maz-ing!  And the fried business in the middle was so simple but so delicious; garbanzo beans and pears.

Christy had a tortellini pie that she loved and my onion tart was like french onion soup rolled up and baked into a sweet gooey goodness.

Pastas: Almond tortellini with truffle sauce, tortellini di zucca and spinach gnocchi with brown butter.  The gnocchi was our favorite; perfect texture!

I had the fusili with sun dried tomato and Christy had hay baked prosciutto. The tomato sauce on the fusili was intense and really good.

This was my favorite; whole baked bass with leeks and fennel! I am a fennel convert!

Then dessert: pineapple sorbet, chocolates, and then I had chocolate polenta souffle and Christy had pistachio flan (which was NOT flan according to Christy who HATES flan).  Both were really amazing.  (I need a thesaurus.)

The whole meal was wonderful.  It was a great experience and a lovely night.  We talked through dinner about the good things from the past year and all that I am looking forward to this year.  We already have some wonderful plans.

So one day into my 40th year and I am checking two things off the list: Eat at Vetri and try persimmon.  Great start to what I hope will be a great year.


  1. I look forward to experiencing these things with you... Even if only through your AMAZING words! Happy Belated Birthday my dear! Kisses and tight hugs!


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