Fancy Pants Dinner Party

Oh what a night, mid-December back in '14...hahaha....

I wore a new fancy dress.

We had delicious fancy appetizers: cheese plate from Talula's, our amazing baked brie, and marcona almonds.

Oooooooo...the brie... that puffed pastry was a-maz-ing and the candied pecans and cranberries...

Christy sets a gorgeous table (forgive the shadow).

I invited my fancy friends (note the top hat and monocle--Christina is my hero)!

Time for the Christmas crackers!  I am sooooo British.
Check the Christmas crowns!  Love it!

And my fancy wife!

Loved the smoked paprika chicken.  So yum.  I didn't do fresh Thyme, did micro greens instead.

Flourless chocolate cake was a hit, especially served with salted caramel gelato.

Christina wins "Fanciest Guest"!

Our fancy tree!

And Christy's fancy non-liturgically correct advent wreath.

Thanks to my great friends who joined us for our holiday dinner AKA The Fancy Dinner Party.  It was a great night, here's hoping for a squeakquel. (<3 you Ileine!)


  1. Omg! Looks soooo wonderful! Christie does set a beautiful table and you prepared somewonderfullyy fancy and delectable looking dishes! My mouth is watering from the pictures! That chicken dish and that CAAAAAKE! So fantabulous seeing Alan in the mix... Happy Holidays Lovely/Fancy ladies! Kisses to you! Until next entry Ta-ta and double air cheek kisses!


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