Bill Nye the Science Guy!!!

I geeked out big time, you guys!

My lovely wife accompanied me this evening to see one of my heroes.

I was a little older than the target audience when Bill Nye The Science Guy was on, but was profoundly influenced none the less, so much so that I wrote about him in my graduate school essay.  His enthusiasm was infectious and his ability to break complicated science down into digestible concepts was inspiring.  

Though I did not go into teaching my desire to share my love of all things science and communicate science led me to mentor in grad school, in my job, and now in the Science Club I run for Futures.

Tonight was great.  He has such an ease and confidence about him that is really charismatic.  He had fantastic transitions that led us from his family history to his mother's work on the Enigma code and father's work with sundials to the Mars rovers to the atmosphere on Mars to the Earth's atmosphere to carbon emissions to technologies that can help us change the current pace of emissions to looking at the atmosphere of the earth to seeing earth from space to that small blue dot to our insignificance/significance.  I cried.  

I immediately came home and joined The Planetary Society.  

Great night.


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